AudioHarvest transforms published content into great audio experiences
via podcast distribution
Creating an endless supply of great audio experiences


AudioHarvest creates great audio experiences out of a client’s online published content. This enables our clients to enrich the onsite user experience and reach new audiences via podcast distribution

The AudioHarvest platform enriches a visitor’s experience of the content on a client’s website by enabling visitors to listen to the content via an audio player

We also distribute the content as a podcast. So that users can follow the latest client updates and content releases via podcast episode.

The platform users the latest AI voice generators and text to speech technology to create a great audio experience.


Our platform simply selects the most appropriate online content for transcoding into audio. And then distributes that content to iTunes… 

It is as simple as that. We provide a fully automated and intuitive platform that enables clients to create and share great audio experiences.


LivingStone Group ~ Chris Lewis
   Head of Marketing
"Very simple to deploy, the platform seamlessly distributes the Livingstone Group's online content as a podcast series to relevant audiences. Since the platform has been deployed, we have been impressed with the results produced and the level of service from the AudioHarvest team.'" Livingstone Group The leading independent, global provider of software and cloud management sservices
Tapetember Tapetember Hewlett Packard’s Tapetember service securely shrinks the cost of data storage.
AudioHarvest captures all of Tapetember's online white papers and industry articles and we then enable business decision makers to subscribe to these updates via a podcast series we publish on Spotify, Google Play and iTunes.
Visitors can also listen to these updates via an audio player that we provide on the HP Tapetember website.
Have a look here.
Mary's Meals Mary's Meals
Mary’s Meals is an international charity that sets up school feeding programmes in some of the world's poorest communities. AudioHarvest captures the individual stories and key initiatives that Mary’s Meals carries out across the world. We then share these with people interested in these services and people that would like to help, whether that be through active support or donations. You can check out the podcast on Google Play by clicking on this link.
BizLaw UK BizLaw UK Educating audiences on the wide variety of audio-visual solutions they provide. "Provides a great, simple and reasonably priced fully automated blog to podcast conversion and distribution service" ~ Reina Menezes D’costa
Logosnet Logosnet Logosnet provides audio visual learning and development solutions to a wide range of international clients. AudioHarvest captures all of Logosnet latest product updates and industry insights and automatically distributes these via a podcast series. The podcast provides a convenient way for customers to understand Logosnet’s products and the wider e-learning market place. Have a look at the podcast here.
Visitors can also listen to this content via an audio player that we provide on the Logosnet online blog.
Hyman Capital Hyman Capital Hyman Capital are a mid market merchant bank, a combination of SG Warburgs and Big Four, helping companies with capital funding and structural advice AudioHarvest captures all of their latest financial insights and market reports which we then turn into a financial podcast series that we share with new and existing Hyman Capital customers on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. To listen and subscribe to the service simple click on the following Spotify link.


To find out how to create great audio experiences just contact us. And we will happily provide an online demonstration of the tool in action.

We will even show you how to create great audio experiences out of content from your website. So you can truly see the value we can deliver.

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