Podcasting for business

Our simple and easy to use platform enables clients to quickly and smoothly create podcasts out of their existing online content.

Quite simply our platform does all the hard work leaving you with more time to focus on your customers.

Our client dashboard features make podcasting easy

Find appropriate content for the podcast

Our platform finds appropriate content for a branded podcast by scanning a client’s website. All the client has to do is insert their company website address and our platform’s recommendation engine will scan a client's website and recommend suitable site sections and articles for a branded podcast. A client then simply reviews the recommendations and selects the one’s they think are most suitable for a branded podcast.

Find appropriate content for the podcast

Voice selection

AudioHarvest has a great range of suitable and natural sounding voices for a client to choose from. We use the latest AI and neural technology to create natural sounding voices. A client can select by country and language subject to their business requirements. Simply listen to the voices and select the voice that best suits the branded podcast a client wishes to create.

Voice selection

Create podcast

Our platform transforms a client’s content into podcast episodes. All a client has to decide is what title best describes their podcast and provide a brand logo for the branded podcast. It really is that simply as our platform is designed to do all the heavy lifting for a client.

Create podcast

Distribute podcast

Our platform will distribute a client’s podcast to all the major distribution platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. The platform also ensures the branded podcast is accessible across mobile, laptop and smart speakers so that a client’s audience can listen to their podcast whenever and wherever suits their needs.

Distribute podcast

Onsite widget player

We also provide an audio player for a client’s website so that site visitors can listen to the client’s content on the page if they prefer. It is a great way to enrich the onsite experience and improve accessibility. The audio player is super easy to setup as the client simply copies the code into their content management system and the onsite audio player will then only appear if there is an appropriate audio file for that page.

Onsite widget player

Campaign reporting

Login into the Harvest Platform UI to see all the latest campaign reports. A client can quickly and easily see how many people viewed and downloaded their branded podcast as well as the number of plays for the onsite audio player.

Campaign reporting

Have a listen

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Why Choose AudioHarvest

Reach your customers whever and whenever they are


New and existing customers on iTunes, Spotify…


Leverage the power of audio to truly engage your customer.


Insert audio promotional messages at the end of branded podcast episodes.


Establish loyal customers when they become subscribers to the client’s brand podcast.

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