Product roadmap

Write audio content – Released January 15th 2022

We are currently in beta with our audio creation tool that will allow businesses to create their own audio content within the AudioHarvest customer UI. Users simply write the content they would like to transform into an audio experience or, simply copy the content they have already written directly into the platform UI. The platform automatically converts this written content into audio files ready for distribution. Users can then decide if they would like to create their own podcast series out of this content or combine it with an existing podcast series within the AudioHarvest UI. Our clients requested this function as it both enables them to create their own audio content and also to access a fuller range of content for conversion into audio and, is therefore consistent with our vision to provide the complete audio marketing SaaS platform.

Onsite Audio Player WordPress Plugin – Q1 Full Release

Enabling businesses to provide an onsite audio experience via our player is very popular with our clients. It was therefore a logical progression to provide a WordPress plugin in order to make the installation of the onsite player more seamless and also allow customers the ability to more easily customise the onsite audio player. This plugin is already in beta and will soon be released on the WordPress platform so stay tuned for further updates.

Audio File Upload- Q1 Development

During our customer feedback sessions, clients consistently requested the ability to also upload their own audio content. This request is absolutely consistent with our object to provide the complete audio marketing service and as such we have already scoped out the requirements for delivering such a service through to the mapping out of both the frontend and backend requirement. The service will allow customers, via the AudioHavest UI, to upload audio content which can then be distributed as a company-branded podcast in real-time. Development of this service will begin in Q1 and we plan to release this service at the start of Q2.

Translation Service – 2022 Beta Release

The ability to translate content into other languages has always been a key objective ever since we founded the business as it will allow our clients to significantly increase customer reach and access to new markets. However, the challenge has been providing an accurate enough automated translation service to make this a viable service for a real-time, end-to-end audio marketing platform such as ours. The technology in this space continues to develop at pace and our own in-house team is testing and discovering new ways to improve the accuracy of a translation service. AudioHarvest’s object is, therefore, during the course of 2022, to provide a beta version of this service to our customers

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