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Unveiling the Future of Audio Engagement with Website Planet

Interview by Luka Dragovic

In a compelling interview by Website Planet, we’re given a fascinating glimpse into the innovative realm of AudioHarvest, a pioneering platform that’s reshaping how businesses interact with their clientele through the medium of audio.

Leveraging advanced automation and AI, AudioHarvest skillfully converts existing written content into dynamic branded audio experiences, thereby streamlining the way companies connect with their audiences on a more intimate level. From crafting branded podcasts to audio social posts, AudioHarvest provides a straightforward, efficient approach to content transformation, distribution, and optimization, heralding a new chapter in customer engagement and brand visibility within the digital auditory landscape.

Join us as we uncover the vision, offerings, and distinct strategies behind AudioHarvest in this insightful dialogue with Website Planet, and consider the expansive future of audio content in the commercial domain.

Could you present the AudioHarvest to our audience?

Absolutely. AudioHarvest is designed to facilitate communication between businesses and their customers through audio. We are a technology platform that enables brands to create branded audio content at scale. This is achieved through automation and AI technology.

Our platform is incredibly user-friendly. We recognize that businesses possess vast amounts of digital written content. Our technology sifts through this content, identifying pieces that would translate effectively into audio experiences. This content is then integrated into our user interface for clients to review and select for audio conversion.

Once a selection is made, our technology transforms the chosen content into audio using voice AI technology. This audio is then distributed in various formats, including branded podcasts—for example, Hewlett-Packard’s branded podcasts—and audio social posts, like those Farmer LAX uses on LinkedIn.


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What was the inspiration behind the company, and how has its journey unfolded thus far?

The inspiration for our company originated from my experiences working with major audio firms, notably Pandora in the US, akin to Spotify, and a radio company named GLOW. During my tenure, I observed a strong desire among brands to engage with their customers through audio. However, the high costs and extensive time required to produce audio content using traditional methods posed significant barriers.

Motivated by this challenge, I envisioned a technology-driven solution capable of converting existing written content into audio, thereby offering a scalable and cost-effective means for brands to enhance customer experiences. This idea materialized into our platform, which we developed and launched on the cloud within nine months, securing our first test client shortly thereafter and our first paying client within a year. The initial phase of our journey was promising.

However, the subsequent period was somewhat slower. Four years ago, the market’s familiarity with and trust in AI technology was limited, necessitating considerable educational efforts on our part. The landscape transformed dramatically last year with the advent of ChatGPT, which significantly boosted the acceptance and demand for voice AI technology.

Thanks to this shift, our company has experienced substantial growth over the past twelve months. We now serve clients worldwide, assisting them in communicating with their customers across various regions. Our focus remains on educating potential clients about the benefits of our technology and its capacity to facilitate seamless interaction with their customer base.

What is the mission that drives the AudioHarvest?

Our mission at AudioHarvest is centered around empowering businesses to connect with their customers through audio in real-time and at scale. We aim to facilitate seamless communication between businesses and their audiences, ensuring that customers can always stay engaged and informed.
The essence of our mission lies in the realization that organic reach alone is insufficient for the level of engagement we envision. This is where our technology comes into play, providing the necessary tools to bridge this gap.

At the core, we are focused on the democratization of the spoken word. Our technology is designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to communicate effectively with their customers or the wider public. By placing this powerful tool in their hands, we are essentially leveling the playing field, allowing for widespread communication through the power of audio

What makes your company stand out from other similar companies?

Our distinction in the market lies in a few key areas. Firstly, we’re unique in our ability to facilitate the entire process of creating and distributing audio content both in real time and from end to end. We offer a fully automated solution, making us the only company capable of providing this level of service.
Secondly, our proprietary IP and algorithms set us apart. We’ve developed specialized algorithms that not only identify the right content but also convert it into high-quality audio experiences. This ensures that businesses looking to create impactful audio content can rely on our technology for exceptional results.

Lastly, despite being a technology company, we prioritize simplicity and accessibility in our interactions. We aim to be approachable and easy to work with, avoiding overly technical jargon to ensure our platform is user-friendly. This approach extends to businesses of all sizes, including smaller firms or those without technical expertise, like some legal companies, enabling them to use our platform effectively.

How do you see the future of your industry unfolding?

The future of our industry is incredibly promising, especially with the rapid advancements we’re seeing in AI, much like the growth spurred by technologies such as ChatGPT. The adoption and utilization of AI-driven solutions are experiencing significant growth, and this trend is expected to continue.
Moreover, the continuous improvement of AI technologies means that the quality of audio experiences, along with the ease of creating and sharing content, will only be enhanced. We anticipate richer, more engaging, and creatively diverse audio experiences in the future. It’s an exciting time for anyone involved in this industry, with boundless possibilities on the horizon.

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