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Podcasting has many benefits in terms of business, which is why more and more marketers are waking up to the idea of attracting clients by getting them hooked on a podcast show. In most cases, the thing that prevents people from starting a podcast is how time-consuming it is: coming up with good podcast ideas, acquiring quality equipment, getting people to participate in a meaningful debate and recording it, as well as finding a distribution platform.

Audio-Harvest is a digital program that does all this for you. Based on the latest neural technologies and intuitive algorithms, the app manages to create a fully-fledged podcast from exciting content on your professional website. So how does it work exactly?

Audio-Harvest Finds Suitable Podcast Material

Firstly, you need to provide your web address and let the program scan your website in search of valuable written content (i.e., blog articles). After that, it recommends sections that the algorithm finds appropriate. You can then use the app’s recommendations as a source of inspiration and choose topics for your new podcast. 

Find content for audio

Choose a Brand Voice

This is the most exciting part and requires your undivided attention. You have to pick a voice out of the Audio-Harvest’s great selection that best represents your brand. The app offers a wide array of natural sounding voices and languages, including English (UK), English (AU), Spanish, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Arabic, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Hindi. You are free to listen to all voices and select by country, as well.

Converting Digital Words into Audio Files

After deciding on a brand voice, all that is left for you to do is to pick a title for your podcast, write an appropriate description and provide a brand logo. Then let Audio-Harvest do its magic – the app is designed to transform all written content into audio, just like a TTS tool. Finally, you can preview the podcast before it goes live.

convert text to audio

Audio-Harvest Manages the Distribution

In order to have a successful podcast that drives results for your business, you have to reach as broad an audience as possible. The way to do that is through significant distribution platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and iTunes. Audio-Harvest handles the whole distribution process, so you won’t have to lift a finger. Moreover, the program makes sure that your podcast episodes are accessible across all digital devices (mobile, laptop, smart speakers), and no users have trouble finding your show and listening to it whenever and wherever they feel like it.

Audio-Harvest Provides an Onsite Widget Player

Getting your podcast onto all major platforms is a necessity. Still, Audio-Harvest provides a bonus service by allowing your site visitors to listen to the podcast without leaving the website. Through a simple but valuable widget player, the user’s onsite experience is enriched, and the podcast’s accessibility is improved. Having multiple channels for your podcast distribution is always great for business. 

The audio player is super easy to set up as you can simply copy the code into your content management system, and the onsite audio player will appear if there is an appropriate audio file for that page. 

Onsite audio player for clients

Campaign Reporting

One of the best ways to measure how your podcast is doing once it’s out in the world is to analyze the traffic. Audio-Harvest provides a unique UI platform that lets you see all the latest campaign reports. From the number of views and downloads to how many plays the onsite audio player has generated, the marketing efforts for your podcast will only benefit from Audio-Harvet’s analytical tools.

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