What Is a Branded Podcast?

A branded podcast is a series of audio episodes that increase brand awareness, drive more traffic and conversions, and reach a wider audience. What makes a branded podcast different from a traditional one is that its content focuses on a particular business’ services, products and its general area of expertise. It creates meaningful and informative discussions that gain consumer trust.

How Does It Help Your Business?

The goal of a branded podcast is to reach consumers without being precisely advertising or promotional. They are three types of branded podcasts – journalistic, educational and editorial. They all aim to communicate the message of your business in the most organic way. By creating helpful, engaging and entertaining audio content the branded podcast gains a loyal following, builds brand authority and promotes your product or services with an outside-of-the-box approach.

Despite being fairly easy to get started, a traditional podcast still requires a lot of work: hours of recording, suitable equipment and actual people to create a discussion with. Branded podcasts, however, can now make use of the current AI technologies and take 90% of the work off your hands. This is where platforms like Audio-Harvest come in.

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What Kind of Tools/Features Audio-Harvest Provides For?

Audio-Harvest is a platform that creates your branded podcast for you. Our goal is to do all the heavy lifting while you, as a business owner, deal with the more pressing tasks at hand. 

So how does Audio-Harvest work? Firstly, our platform scans all the data of your business website, searching for suitable content, such as blog articles, that could later be transformed into a podcast. After viewing the platform’s recommendations, you are free to choose whichever one would most appeal to your audience at the moment.

Selecting your brand voice is the next step. With the help of the latest neural technology, we provide a wide array of natural sounding voices and it’s up to you to decide which one best represents your brand philosophy. You can select the voice by country and language subject to your business needs.

The last couple of things that require your attention are picking a podcast title and providing a brand logo. After that, it’s showtime – the platform does its magic and turns your selected content into a branded podcast. 

Audio-Harvest makes sure that the episodes are distributed to all major platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play) and are accessible across all devices, including an onsite widget player – a special feature that lets the user listen directly on your website.

Last but not least, we believe that campaign reporting is great for analysing your marketing strategy, defining its flaws and improving your business. That’s why one of the platform’s greatest tools is the Harvest Platform UI – a quick and easy way for seeing how much traffic your branded podcast gets.

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