What is Podcast Marketing?

Podcast marketing is just as important as creating a podcast. Knowing how to market and having a platform like AudioHarvest by your side could be a golden combination. Check out how our platform AudioHarvest can really promote your podcast and take your website to the next level.

What is podcast marketing?

Marketing a podcast is the simple act of distributing audio content for promoting your services or products without being overly promotional. It’s a subtle way to make the listeners engage in how your brand can improve their lives.

This is where our team at AudioHarvest can help you out to increase your brand awareness, improve the connection with your audience, generate advertising revenue, and have more traffic. Simply by turning your existing gripping content into podcast episodes and advertising your podcast around the web with our help.

Audio Marketing

How Audio-Harvest helps for marketing a podcast

One of our AudioHarvest podcast marketing services that can help out is the Harvest Platform UI. This is the place to check all of your latest campaign reports and the place to figure out your next successful podcast marketing strategy.

You can easily check how many people downloaded, viewed, and played your branded podcasts.

This can show you how to market a podcast based on your audience’s activity and other details. 

The onsite widget player can also help when it comes to accessibility to the branded podcasts, so your clients will need only one click to listen.

Audio Marketing

Marketing tactics you can apply with Audio-Harvest

The best way to promote a podcast that AudioHarvest provides is voice marketing. This is the so-called aural identity of your own brand. Everything from the accent, tone, and intonation can make you stand out and make people remember you. 

You can figure this out by researching your target audience and then picking a suitable voice from our AudioHarvest selection like English (US), English (UK), English(AU), Spanish, French, Swedish, and more.

Marketing your podcast has never been easier thanks to AudioHarvest.

How Audio-Harvest helps for podcast promotion

AudioHarvest can help you with podcast promotion by distributing your podcast to all big audio streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. AudioHarvest lets your listeners listen to your podcasts across many devices like mobile devices, smart speakers, a laptop, and more. This is one of the quickest ways when you are asking yourself how to grow your podcast audience.

Another key element to how to spread your podcast is to raise awareness via your social media, set questionsр topics for discussion for engagement, and days for releasing. Consistent posting is key when it comes to the question of how to increase podcast audience. And AudioHarvest makes it easier, as YOU create the content and the platform takes care of extracting the audio from it.

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