What Is Podcasting For Business?

A podcast is like an audio TV series – engaging episodes, packed with information about a certain topic. Unlike a regular TV series that needs to have you glued to a screen, podcast episodes don’t require your undivided attention. You can listen to them anytime and anywhere – in your car, at the gym or while walking your dog. 

Podcasting is one of the most convenient ways to promote your business or gain a following as it reaches a wide audience, it’s easily accessible and requires less work than creating written or visual content. 

How Podcasting Helps Your Business

Podcasting is a new way to reach your target audience and let them learn all about your business. Apart from being extremely easy and inexpensive to get started, podcasting builds brand authority and creates a personal connection with your customers like no other type of content. 

Writing copy is undoubtedly valuable but having your followers listen to a familiar voice on a weekly basis has a far greater influence than just reading blog posts. Podcasting is as personal as a business marketing tool can get and makes your audience feel like they are in on a little secret.

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How Audio-Harvest Helps You Podcasting for Business

Podcasting with Audio-Harvest is even easier than getting started with conventional podcasting. Our platform finds appropriate content for a podcast by scanning your website. Just enter your website address and wait for Audio-Harvest to recommend site sections and articles that are suitable for a branded podcast.

You make the creative decisions such as choosing a topic for your podcast and finding a voice that fits your business while we do the heavy lifting – create a podcast that drives traffic and distribute it to major distribution platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. 

Audio-Harvest Features For Podcasting for Business

One of our most innovative features is the voice selection. We use the latest AI and neural technologies to create a wide range of natural sounding voices. You can think about what kind of voice would best suit your business needs and then select one by country and language.

After picking a branded voice, our platform transforms your web content into podcast episodes, distributes them to your target audience and ensures their accessibility across all types of devices: mobile, laptop and smart speakers.

And speaking of accessibility, Audio-Harvest also provides an onsite widget player – an audio player for your website so that site visitors can listen to the podcast on the page, right then and there. 

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