Why brands need a podcast


There has never been a better time for brands to get involved with podcasting. The audiences listening to podcasts are significant and their interest in brand content is very high. The audio experience is now of such a high quality. And so easy to use and setup a podcast that it is a great time for brands to get involved.

It is also important for brands to provide accessibility to their service and outbound communications, wherever consumers are. Including those with eyesight challenges which the audio medium serves particularly well. Podcasting is also a great marketing tool as the reach on the iTunes, Spotify and Google Play platforms. This enables brands to reach many more customers, quickly and easily.

Podcast reach

On average over a third of online audiences listen to podcasts in regions such as Europe, the Americas and the Far East. In South Korea for instance this is far higher at around 60%. Therefore, it is key that brands reach these customers via their own podcast. The power of a podcast is that it provides brands with an opportunity to communicate with users over a long period of time. Typical podcasts run from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, in a clean environment that the brand owns.

Audience demand

The demand for podcasts is both broad and deep as consumers are looking for information to both inform and educate them across a broad range of subjects. One of the key reasons they use podcasts is to educate themselves on a subject. Or to help inform themselves about a decision they need to make. And this is where branded podcasts have a distinct role as they can provide educational and informative podcasts about their market or service that can help consumers make informed decisions. Whether that be in the health sector, the education sector. Or for business decision makers looking to make the right technology decision; they are all looking for information they can easily consume. This is why the podcast format is so popular: you can listen wherever and whenever you want.

Ease of setup

For brands, the timing is now right as there are now significant audiences looking for these types of podcasts. And the technology for creating a podcast could not be easier. Whether that is via recording and distributing your own podcast. Or using a service such as AudioHarvest’s that automatically creates and distributes podcasts out of a client’s existing online content. The process could not be easier or more scalable. It is also highly cost efficient as distribution is free on the major distribution platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Plan. And the podcasts are inexpensive to create, especially if you use a technology-based solution.

Accessibility is another key driver of brand take up of podcasts. Brands want to ensure their brand is present wherever their consumers are. If they are actively seeking their brand or a relevant service, ensure there is content there to support those consumers. Especially customers with sight challenges who can then subscribe to the podcast. Or listen to the relevant content via an onsite audio player.

Consumer accessibility

Of course, there is real marketing value to this activity. By distributing podcasts on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, brands can significantly increase reach to new and existing customers. The depth of an engagement on an audio podcast creates great brand loyalty. And the ease with which they can become subscribers creates real lifetime value. Brands can also direct listeners back to services on their website through audio messaging at the end of a podcast. And through links within the podcast page itself. Brands find this one of their most cost-effective marketing communications channels.


Podcasting is a great way for brands to reach new customers and both educate and support these customers. The size of the audience is now significant. And their demand for brand-based content means that it is key from both an accessibility and marketing point of view that brands serve their customer’s needs. And given the ease of the technology and the quality of the experience for consumers, there is really nothing to hold brands back from entering the podcast medium.

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