Client Case Study

Hyman Capital

’The AudioHarvest platform enables Hyman Capital to reach our select audience of corporate decision makers. We can also establish an ongoing relationship with them through the Thought Leadership podcast their platform manages on our behalf’

Cliver Hyman – CEO


Educate finance decision makers on the Hyman Capital service and establish a thought leadership position in the finance market.


Select content that positions Hyman Capital as a thought leader in the corporate finance sector.

Distribute that content to relevant audiences such as corporate investors and decision makers.


Our platform automatically created the Hyman Capital Thought Leadership Podcast. Our platform targeted relevant audiences on the iTunes, Spotify, Amazon platforms for Hyman's Capital to communicate with.


The podcast reached a high volume of key investors and corporate decision makers.

AudioHarvests distribution and promotion of the Hyman podcast has increased their customer reach. And established a loyal audience of subscribers to the Hyman Capital branded podcast.

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