Client Case Study


’The platform enabled us create and distribute a completely new Logosnet podcast within days. The podcast format has been a great way to stay in touch with our customers and educate them on our products and services.’

Fernando Salvetti – Managing Partner


Educate the market on Logosnet sophisticated audio visual education products.

Establish Logosnet as a leader in the eLearning sector.

Reach new customers through a medium that truly represents the Logosnet brand


Select the Logosnet content that best explains how the Logosnet product works and the value it can deliver to business and government organisations.

Create a brand podcast that is relevant and of interest to Logosnet target customer base.

Distribute the branded podcast on appropriate platforms to ensure it reaches the maximum number of relevant customers.


Our platform recommended the appropriate content for a Logosnet podcast. The platform then distributed this content as a brand podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Google.

The platform automatically creates and distributes new podcast episodes to ensure Logosnet continues to engage its core customers.


The AudioHarvest platform enabled Logosnet to reach an international customer base seamlessly.

The ease of listening to longform content has enabled customers to more fully understand the value of the Logosnet service.

The Branded Podcast has also helped to establish Logosnet as a market leader in the eLearning sector.

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