Client Case Study

London Vermouth

The podcoast that AudioHarvest created and distribute on our behalf is great as it helps establish social occasion out of an audio experience that London Vermouth can own

Guy Abrahams – Founder


Inspire as many people as possible to create great cocktails out of London Vermouth.

Educate people on the quality of the brand and the great cocktails one can create.

Establish a loyal customer base and encourage people to try London Vermouth


Platform selected content that explained how to create great cocktails.

Platform's AI and edit function tailored the content to the audio experience and the audience that listens to podcasts.

AudioHarvest platform targeted key platforms and audiences in those platforms to reach London Vermouth's target audience of sophisticated social drinkers.


Created the London Vermouth recipes podcast

For all those that love cocktails and Vermouth especially

Enabled and established a social occasion out of an audio experience that London Vermouth can own.


The AudioHavest platform delivered large numbers of relevant subscribers to the London Vermouth cocktail recipe branded podcast.

Vitally the podcast has been a highly effective driver of customers to the brand

And a great way to educate this audience on the whole cocktail experience London Vermouth helps enable.

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