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Mary’s Meals

So easy to setup as the technology does all the work; creating and distributing the podcast out of the stories we already tell on our website! This has been a great tool for driving increased donations and interest in our cause.

Alan Melrose – Head of Digital


Inspire as many people as possible to donate.

Educate people of the non profit work that Mary's Meals carries out.

Share the great stories Mary’s Meals has to tell and create a loyal audience.


Platform selected content that explained great work Mary’s Meals does and that would inspire them to donate.

Create a brand podcast that is engaging and actively encourages people to either support the Mary's Meals cause.


Created the Mary’s Meals Stories Podcast.

Platform automatically creates new podcast episodes to ensure Mary's Meals engages their customers on an on-going basis.

Distributed the podcast to major platforms; iTunes, Spotify and ensured the podcast was found in Google search.


The AudioHavest platform delivered significant numbers of subscribers to the Mary's Meals branded podcast.

Vitally the podcast has been a highly effective driver of donations to Mary’s Meals due to the deep and on-going engagement of the audience in the unique audio content that Mary's Meals providers.

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