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Audio Opportunity

With over 42% of business decision-makers listening to podcasts regularly and over one billion people in total listening to podcasts, globally audio is a significant marketing opportunity for Start-Up companies. Audio marketing enables Start-Up companies to educate customers and lead them on the path to purchase. For Start-Ups it is a highly cost-effective way to engage and influence customers as well as potential investors and steal a competitive advantage as the competition is generally slow to realise how sizeable and engaged their audience is on audio. It is a great way to reach new customers like Spotify, iTunes, Google, and Amazon have significant reach into both business and consumer audiences. It is also a highly effective SEO / Discoverability tool as Google Search lists podcasts and each podcast episode on their results ensuring that a Start-Up business can be found more easily. In short, audio enables you to reach your customers whenever and wherever they are as the audio marketing content can be accessed simply and easily across mobile, laptop and smart speakers.

Audio Challenge

For Start-Up companies, the challenge is creating, distributing, and promoting audio content effectively as it is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Start-Up companies typically have limited funds to write, record, and distribute audio content.  What they need is a real-time end-to-end platform that creates and distributes audio content for them…

Audio Solution

The smart solution is to get the technology to do the work for you as any Start-Up knows. This is exactly what AudioHarvest does as we capture all of the marketing content a Start-Up company has already produced, transform this into audio and then distribute this across a podcast, social, search, and onsite.  We also provide the tools to enable Start-Up companies to get creative through our Write Audio function which enables Start-Ups to create and distribute audio snippets across social in seconds which is a great way to engage your audience with smart and highly cost-effective outreach. Our real-time platform enables clients to create and distribute this audio content in real-time to their customers. We provide AI Voices and also enable Start-Up companies to upload recorded content so that they can quickly and easily engage their customers. The beauty of the AudioHarvest solution is that it is always-on so that whenever you produce new content our platform can automatically create and distribute this as audio content for your customers to listen to across podcast, social and onsite. Just see what our clients are seeing about the value of the service.

Client testimonials

We already work with a wide reach of Start-Up companies such as HealthImpilo, Cure8, HubLearn, Logosnet, etc., and all of them have this to be a highly effective and efficient way to reach new and existing customers and ultimately lead them on the path to purchase.’The platform enabled us to create and distribute a completely new Logosnet podcast within days. The podcast format has been a great way to stay in touch with our customers and educate them on our products and services.’

Fernando Salvetti – Managing Partner – Logosnet

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